Family Histories

C. Miller BIDDLE has written a book titled William and Sarah Biddle 1633: 1711: Planting a Seed of Democracy in America.  William and Sarah Biddle were early members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in England, suffering religious and economic persecution.  With their Quaker community, they planned for the settling of the province of West New jersey in America in 1677 and began to develop a new governing constitution to bring with them.  Their descendants have continued to make significant contributions to this country.  Not just Biddle descendants, but all readers interested in the intertwining of early American history with specific families will enjoy this book.  Using public, archival and religious records, it describes the life of an immigrant Quaker family during the founding and settlement West New Jersey.  The events of their lives and their contributions to the new community are presented in detail -- all assembled from sources never before used to tell this story.  End notes provide full documentation.  Illustrations and maps add interest.  This book has been added to GSP's library.

(Posted 2/29/12)




Barton B. PROGER  has written a manuscript titled Proger/Pröger/Proeger Family: Some Genealogical Notes of the Proger Family in Berks County, Montgomery County, and Snyder County, PA; Originally from Chemnitz in the Province of Saxony in Germany; Evangelical Lutheran Families Specializing in Textile Production and Machinery.  Apart from the Proger family, several other families are also covered in detail: Richter, Ullrich, Sheidy, Bickel, Coldren, Weader, Bock, Hahn, Bressler, Jenkins, Schmidt, Dubois, McMahon, Reilly, Weitel, Müller, Hopkins/Hüpgens, Stetler, Valunas, Weiser, Goss and Murphy.  The manuscript has been added to GSP’s library.

(Posted 10/12/11)