Lycoming County Genealogical Society - Saturday April 28th - 1:00 PM - Mary Sieminski of Lycoming College - Searching for PA's "Historical" Women

Apr 26, 2012


 Lycoming College Women's History Collection


April 28, 2012 -Mary Sieminski, a LCGS member, and manager of Lycoming College's Women's History Collection, will present a demonstration of using their online databases, to search for information on Pennsylvania's "historical" women.

This online resource is a collaboration of Lycoming County Historical Society, James V. Brown Library and the Snowden Library at Lycoming College.

The documents highlight the history of local women in volunteer and reform organizations, education, the arts, the workplace, and private lives.

The first part of the collection covers the time period 1875-1925.


For more information please visit the Lycoming County Genealogical Society page or phone 570-326-3326.


The LCGS Library is located within the Thomas Taber Museum, also the home of the Lycoming County Historical Society, on Millionaire's Row in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.