Got ancestors and relatives from McKean County PA? Don't miss The Planet Smethport Project!

Mar 06, 2013





Planet Smethport has been created by Jim Herzog, Ross Porter and students from Smethport High School.  In the video found on this page (click on "About This Project") they discuss the development of Planet Smethport, a unique history-geography web site that is over 10 years old and operated as a school project under the leadership of Ross Porter.


This video was created by Smethport teacher Shane Locke for George Romanowski, Superintendent of Schools for the Smethport Area School District, who included it as part of his presentation to the "Community Connections" session at the Florida Education Technology Conference held in Orlando on January 12 - 15, 2010. This conference, attended by 7,000 teachers and administrators, is one of the largest in the United States devoted to educational technology.



Our long term goal is to recreate Smethport and its surrounding McKean communities.  Port Allegany, East Smethport, Crosby, Colegrove, Coryville, Clermont, Hazel Hurst, Betula (almost) are already at least partially on line.   We intend to continue building and connecting McKean County and in the process tell its rich and interesting history  These outlying communities will be connected to each other and Smethport (& more) via the various railroads of the day and you will connect to each by "riding the rails" to the next community!



Technically this site is owned and operated through Smethport Area School District and is a project of Mr. Ross Porter's local history class "".  It is being created by both Smethport  students both past and present as well as interested community members both past and present.  But this site is in reality owned by all the people & their ancestors who have helped to create this unique & beautiful location on the planet.  I want to personally invite you to become part of our project!


Please feel free to CONTACT Virtual Historic Smethport & McKean County Project

Ross Porter
"Smethport History" Project Director
Smethport Area High School
412 S. Mechanic Street
Smethport, PA  16749


Map of Smethport, PA

(Smethport Pennsylvania PA Map professionally designed by Feel free to remix and share.)