Meet The Author Event - Kenneth W. Milano and his latest work "The Philadelphia Nativist Riots: Irish Kensington Erupts" - June 20th at St. Michael's in Philadelphia, 5:30 PM

Jun 14, 2013


Meet local Philadelphia author Kenneth W. Milano as he celebrates the launch of his new book,


The Philadelphia Nativist Riots: Irish Kensington Erupts


Thursday, June 20th 2013


5:30 pm


St. Michael's Parish Church

1445 North Second Street at Jefferson

Philadelphia, PA 19122


"By May 6th, 1844, the situation between the newly arrived Irish Catholics and members of the anti-immigrant Nativist Party took an explosive violent turn. When the Irish asked to have their children excused from reading the Protestant version of the Bible in local public schools, the Nativists held a protest. The Irish pushed back. For three days riots scorched the streets of Kensington. Though the immigrants first had the upper hand, the Nativists soon put the community to the torch. Those who fled were shot. Two Catholic churches were burnt to the ground, along with several blocks of houses, stores, a nunnery and a Catholic school. Local historian Kenneth W. Milano traces this tumultuous history from the preceding hostilities through the bloody skimishes and finally to the aftermath of arrests and trials. Discover a remarkably intimate and compelling view of the riots with stories of individuals on both sides of the conflict that rocked Kensington."


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MEET THE AUTHOR KEN MILANO: "The Philadelphia Nativist Riots: Irish Kensington Erupts"