Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Philadelphia - "Galician Trails" with Andrew Zalewski - Sunday, December 8th

Nov 25, 2013


Sunday 12/8 @ 1 at Main Line Reform


This is the story of Galicia, a crown land of the Austrian Empire, presented by Andrew Zalewski. Galician Trails explores every facet of this long-gone land, from tiny villages, to towns filled with craftspeople, to cities with the conveniences of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The political struggles and wise compromises that kept Galicia’s citizens together, and the tragic forces that ultimately tore Galicia apart, unfold before our eyes. Galician Trails is also the story of people who shared a stubborn perseverance that allowed them to prevail over the adversities of the time. The events playing out on the world stage mix with what the Galicians talked about around the dinner table. Time after time, our own preconceived notions about the past are challenged. Although the real Galicia disappeared from maps long ago, it will live on in the memory of anyone who travels there through the richly illustrated Galician Trails.


Andrew Zalewski is a cardiologist who lives in the Philadelphia area with his wife, Margaret. They have two children and three grandchildren. Despite a busy professional life, Andrew embarked on writing the book, a rewarding experience in which he discovered amazing details about the people of Galicia.


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