Rescuing Funeral Home Records

Mulligan - Zion Hill - Trauger Indenture



In keeping with GSP's long-standing mission to preserve records, the Society has acquired approximately 2,800 individual records of the Mulligan Funeral Home, once located at 1119 Lehigh Avenue in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.



The records have been stored in envelopes that contain cemetery deed indentures, correspondence and vital records which represent individual histories of local residents; families from Philadelphia and the surrounding area who were buried by this funeral home in numerous cemeteries in the city and surrounding suburbs. Many of the envelopes are now sealed closed yet obviously contain papers of some sort inside them.



The documents need to be removed from these envelopes and housed in archival quality acid-free boxes and folders. GSP plans to digitize these records to make them freely available to family history researchers.



Archivist Garrett Boos is ready to work with GSP to get this collection processed and digitized, and to that end he has completed a preliminary survey to determine what will be needed both in time and archival supplies for completion of the project. GSP needs $3,000.00 to save these documents and make them available to researchers.



GSP would like to sincerely thank T.J. Fluehr who is the current owner/operator of Mulligan Funeral Home, now located in the far northeast section of Philadelphia. Mr. Fluehr was the first contributor to our endeavor to rescue the old records and we are grateful for his support!





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Mulligan - Cathedral Cem - GallagherMulligan - Fernwood - Sheldon


















(Fernwood Cemetery deed for Margaret Sheldon, 6 October 1875.

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(Cathedral cemetery deed for Daniel Gallagher, 27 February 1850.

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