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GSP published the first Penn in Hand newsletter as Volume I, No. 1 in February 1980. This fledgling issue included news of genealogical societies across Pennsylvania, updates on conferences and speakers, tips on research in Chester County, and a list of new members from Wynnewood, PA to Wenatchee, WA.


Over the years many Penn in Hand issues also included Research Tip articles written by several knowledgeable genealogists that have helped guide our search to records of our ancestors. Vast changes have taken place since 1980 that influence the methods genealogists now use to accomplish their research goals, but the core information contained in many of the previous Research Tips remains valid; what has changed is access to many record sources.


As time permits, GSP will be working to update more than 60 Research Tip articles which have been published in Penn in Hand over the years.


These articles cover a wide variety of subjects relating to genealogical research, including how to write the best genealogical query, searching for Naturalizations, and using city directories, tax and land records. The GSP hopes the revised Research Tip articles remain a useful reference source for our longtime members and those just discovering genealogy research. Along with previous issues of Penn in Hand, you will also find links to the most recently updated Research Tips on this page.


Finally, GSP would like to encourage all of its members, and members of any Pennsylvania genealogical or historical societies, to consider submitting articles of interest to the Editor of Penn in Hand. Write a story about your ancestors or tell us about a particularly difficult, but rewarding, bit of research. Other members would also be interested to learn about special projects with which your society is involved. GSP welcomes all contributions for Penn in Hand relating to Pennsylvania genealogy.


Roughly the first ten years of publication for Penn in Hand (1980's) reflect several inconsistencies within Volume and Issue numbering. Over the years various GSP staff and board members have contributed to Penn in Hand, and this may help explain the early missed and mistaken numbering. Also, editors for the newsletter changed over the years, and while some used the month of publication, others used a seasonal designation (i.e. April vs. Spring) to identify newsletter issues.


GSP welcomes you to contact our office for submission of materials to the newsletter,, and your information will be forwarded to the Editor. Thank You! 


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Naturalization Records, by Antoinette Segraves - from Penn in Hand, Volume VIII, Summer 1987



Using Philadelphia City Directories in Genealogical Research, by Robert E. Hoagland, C.G.R.S. - from Penn in Hand, Volume IX, No. 4, Summer 1988



Research in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, by Vivian F. Taylor (revised and updated by Kay Haviland Freilich, 2009) - from Penn in Hand, Volume X, No. 5, Fall 1989



Little Known Genealogical Resources at the Free Library of Philadelphia, by Robert E. Hoagland, C.G.R.S. - from Penn in Hand, Volume XXII, No. 1, Winter 1991



How to Get the Most from Your Genealogical Query, by Marion F. Egge - from Penn in Hand, Volume IXX, No. 1, March 1998