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Take Your Research to the Next Level with Mocavo Plus!


We are very excited to offer a special benefit to the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania


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Struggling to find an ancestor? Mocavo Plus finds millions of books and records about your ancestors from around the Web and gives you the tools to make your research fast and easy.


Find More Family Members than Ever.  Mocavo saves you the time and frustration of having to search through multiple family history sites.  Discover your ancestors across the Web from one convenient location and easily access information from genealogy libraries, state archives, and family records.


We Search, So You Don’t Have To. Tired of researching that same missing ancestor over and over again?  We hate that too.  Why don’t you let us do the work for you?  


See Your Ancestors Come Alive.  There are billions of pages of historical books and records available on Mocavo.  Family histories, biographies, yearbooks, cruise books, letters and photographs add color to your family history. Mocavo Plus provides the best document viewing experience of any genealogy website.


Discovering your family history should be easy.


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