Charles Barker Register of Philadelphia Burying Grounds

One of the many accomplishments of genealogist and historian Charles Reed Barker (1875-1961) was his survey and compilation of the history and location of denominational, public and private family burial grounds in the Philadelphia area. His 572 page work was published by the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania in the early 1940’s in 3 volumes; Volume 1, A – G; Volume 2, H – Presb. and Volume 3, Presb. – Y.

Additionally, in 1949 Mr. Barker published an appendix of abstracted deed information from records held at the Recorder of Deeds in Philadelphia from a separate volume for Corporations. Mr. Barker recorded the churches and congregations which were listed as grantors in this ‘Corporations’ volume. He abstracted these deeds chronologically and later published this work as an appendix to the main three volume burying ground register. Volume 4 then is a Deed Abstract Appendix to the Register of Burial Grounds in Philadelphia, and is available here with the deed index.

Mr. Barker also created a series of maps detailing where each burial ground was/is located within the city and immediate suburbs. After dividing the map into a grid and numbering them, he assigned a corresponding circled number for each burial ground surveyed. These maps are also available here to compliment the registers of burying grounds.

Charles Barker Register of Philadelphia Burying Grounds

GSP suggests that researchers take the time while using the collection to read the overview above and the Introduction and Miscellany written by Charles Barker in order to understand any peculiarities regarding the creation of this collection, and to get the most out of it.


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