Bucks County Pennsylvania Graveyard Inscriptions - Various Dates



Southampton Baptist Church


The records included here are from the Warren S. Ely collection, and consists of inscriptions and an index of three Bucks County, PA church graveyards; Dansville Baptist Church, Newtown Presbyterian Church, and Southampton Baptist Church.


Please note: Recent research has indicated that the above named church "Dansville Baptist Church" was very likely a hand-writing, transcription error, and the records are actually transcriptions of burials of the DAVISVILLE Baptist Church graveyard. (Correction noted 2/1/2013.)






Southampton Baptist Church Interior






(Images of Davisville Baptist Church, above exterior with graveyard, and left, Davisville Baptist Church interior courtesy of the Upper Southampton Township Historical Advisory Board.)











The index is inclusive of all three church graveyards and was created by long-time GSP volunteer Sue Wiley, and typed into format by Ed Kenna ca. 2000

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