Philadelphia County - Harold B. Mulligan Funeral Home Records Collection


This page was created on 7 May 2013. Like the collection it is named for, this page is a work in progress where GSP will update and document the changes during the coming months as the work to process and digitize the Mulligan collection continues. Ultimately, when the work is complete, this page will contain the images of the Mulligan Funeral Home records.


Many of you generously contributed funds to GSP's appeal for help to get these records from the state of being just boxes of old funeral home papers to an organized, indexed and digitized collection.



GSP wants to share this process with you and through this page the GSP staff will keep you updated with the latest work being done by archivist Garrett Boos.


Mulligan Funeral Home Box of Deeds






In keeping with GSP's long-standing mission to preserve records, the Society has acquired approximately 2,800 individual records from the Harold B. Mulligan Funeral Home, with the earliest record found to date recorded in 1850. Founded in 1908, Harold B. Mulligan's funeral home was once located at 1119 West Lehigh Avenue in Philadelphia, and while many of the deeds represent individual histories of Kensington neighborhood residents, people from other areas of Philadelphia and the surrounding counties were also buried by this funeral home. 



The records were acquired by GSP in early December 2012 through local Philadelphia area genealogist Ken Milano who learned of their discovery in a storage area, and quickly recognized the need to preserve the collection as an important source of historical and genealogical material for Philadelphia and Pennsylvania researchers.


Mulligan Funeral Home - Sealed Envelopes


The records have been stored in their original envelopes and many contain cemetery deed indentures, correspondence and vital records which represent individual histories of local residents and their extended families who patronized this funeral home. Many of the envelopes are now sealed closed, yet, when you hold them, it's obvious papers of some sort are contained inside.



The documents need to be removed from these envelopes and housed in archival quality acid-free boxes and folders. GSP plans to digitize these records to make them freely available to family history researchers.







Tuesday, 7 May 2013 - The work begins. (click on any image to see larger view)


Garrett sorting the Mulligan Deeds

Sorting ContinuesGarrett sorting the Mulligan Deeds













Thursday, 9 May 2013 - The archival supplies arrive.

Hollinger Archival Supplies 2

Hollinger Archival Supplies 1

Hollinger Archival Supplies 3

















Tuesday, 28 May 2013 - Sorting continues; Holy Sepulchre Cemetery envelopes alphabetized.


Holy Sepulchre Deeds Alphabetized





Tuesday, 11 June 2013 - Cathedral Cemetery document for Thomas McCullough discovered dated 1854, with religious artifact.



Cathedral Cemetery - Thomas McCullough, 1854





Tuesday, 2 July 2013 - Knights of Pythias, Greenwood Cemetery - Annie Fulton's family lot with family information - 24 August 1914.



Greenwood Cemetery - Annie Fulton FamilyAnnie Fulton's Family InformationAnnie Fulton - Greenwood Cem Indenture - 1903





Tuesday, 23 July 2013 - The sorting and labeling of cemetery deeds is almost complete, which means the Mulligan collection is one step closer to being indexed and scanned. Also, Garrett found detailed instructions left by Mary McCarthy as to her wishes after her demise.




Sorted Cemetery Deeds


Mary McCarthy Wishes - Page 1Mary McCarthy Wishes - Page 2 & 3





Tuesday, 24 September 2013 - Garrett has completed processing the Mulligan Funeral Home records and he is working on a finding aid for the collection. During this time GSP volunteer Tina Lamb is also naming the files so an index can be created. GSP is about to invest in new scanning equipment so the Mulligan files can be made available soon to all researchers through this website. (Click on image to see larger view.)




Mulligan Collection Processing CompleteMulligan Collection Box LabelCemetery Deed Folders











GSP Thanks You. Without your support this project would not have been possible!



T.J. Fluehr

(Current owner/operator of Harold B. Mulligan Funeral Home.)


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(The list above includes donations that were given to GSP for the Mulligan project through other means, such as mailed to the GSP office, as well as everyone who generously donated to this project online through the Kickstarter website. Thank You!!)