Philadelphia County - Poulson's American Daily Advertiser, Marriages & Deaths, Volume 3, 1811 - 1825


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1791 – 1839





Possibly the most important aspect of this collection to immediately note is the inclusion of FIVE newspapers in the indexes and abstracts, despite the collection title noting only one newspaper. The Philadelphia newspaper titles and dates covered in this collection include:


1. Dunlap’s American Daily Advertiser

            (a) Marriages 1791 – 1796

            (b) Deaths     1791 – 1796


2. Claypoole’s Daily American Advertiser

            (a) Marriages 1796 – 1800

            (b) Deaths     1796 – 1799


3. General Advertiser

            (a) Marriages 1791 – 1795

            (b) Deaths     1791 – 1795


4. General (Aurora) Advertiser

            (a) Marriages 1796 – 1799

            (b) Deaths     1796 – 1799


5. Poulson’s Daily Advertiser

            (a) Marriages 1800 only


6. Poulson’s American Daily Advertiser

            (a) Marriages 1800 – 1830

            (b) Marriages 1831 – 1839 (Information includes residence of bride & groom and father of bride)

            (c) Deaths     1811 – 1825

            (d) Obituaries 1826 – 1839





Dunlap's American Daily Advertiser






The history of Philadelphia newspaper publications is a lengthy and complicated one filled with bankruptcies, mergers and political maneuverings, and is generally far too involved for investigation on this page. However, if you are curious you might be interested to read Chapter XLVIII, “The Press of Philadelphia” from Volume 3 of J. Thomas Scharf and Thompson Westcott’s brilliant work, The History of Philadelphia 1609-1884.


All three volumes of the History of Philadelphia 1609-1884 have been digitized and are available on Google Books. To view Volume 3, Chapter XLVIII, “The Press of Philadelphia,” (pp. 1958-2062) see the following link:





The original newspaper transcription work included in this Poulson’s Daily Advertiser collection appears to have been accomplished between 1899 and 1907. The early volumes contain the notation of “K.R.B.” on the title page which led the GSP staff on a hunt to learn the identity of this person.


After searching through early issues of the Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, and also looking through the GSP Minute Books of the time period, we believe we have discovered the initials “K.R.B.” represent a dedicated clerk who was the sole paid staff member of the GSP for many years: Kezia Reeves Bunting.


Miss Bunting “was given space in the old Historical Society building where aided by a certain amount of volunteer labor she began assembling the corpus of manuscript copies destined, bound in book form, to fill eventually such imposing tiers of shelving.” (PGM, Vol. XX, page 24.)


For many years Miss Bunting was described in the yearly GSP minutes as “…Miss Bunting, our efficient clerk and transcriber…” and there was no doubt she was prolific. Kezia R. Bunting resigned her position as GSP clerk and transcriber in December, 1913. In an era long before computers and digitized newspapers online, Philadelphia focused genealogists regularly relied on Miss Buntings’ work to further their research. Indeed, Miss Bunting left us an enduring legacy.




ORGANIZATION OF COLLECTION:Death of George Washington - Aurora


7 Volumes total:


Volume 1 - 1791 - 1799

Volume 2 - 1800 - 1810

Volume 3 - 1811 - 1825


Volume 4 - 1826 - 1830

Volume 5 - 1831 - 1833

Volume 6 - 1834 - 1837


Volume 7 - 1838 - 1839








(GSP thanks volunteer Mary Phalan for collecting the images on this page from microfilms held by the Free Library of Philadelphia.)


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