Donating Collections

If you have family photographs, documents, Bible records, family records and histories that you would like to preserve and make available for family researchers, please consider uploading them through our GSP Member Donations form.

We also welcome donations of original letters, documents, family records and histories, Bible records, and photographs, as well as books and indexes and transcriptions of records. However, we prefer scanned or digital copies of all other materials, such as research notes and other large amounts of compiled information. External hard drives and flash drives are also welcome.

If you already have renamed your digital files with your name and the titles of the items and have used OCR software on PDFs to make them searchable, please ]include a note that they have been named and OCR’d on the upload form. This will enable us to post the items to the website sooner.

Thank you for contributing to our collections! Your contributions help with our efforts to preserve genealogical resources and make them available for people now and in the future.

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