Almshouse and Asylum Records (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)

Philadelphia Almshouse and Asylum Records

This in-progress collection includes records from several institutions.  They can be cross-referenced against census records and newspapers to find additional information.

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Blockley Alms House Black Book (Punishments) : 1882-1900

Persons Living at Friends Insane Asylum – 1860 Federal Census Enumeration

Philadelphia Children’s Asylum Extracts – White Male Children : January 1848-February 1849

Philadelphia Children’s Asylum Index – White Male Children : January 1848 – February 1849

Blockley Alms House – Female Elopements (Escapes) : April 1861 – December 1862

Philadelphia Board of Health – Interments : Blockley, Francisville, and Cherry Hill Burial Grounds : 1819-1836

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