Cathedral Cemetery

Catholic Cemetery Office on the Lancaster Turnpike 2 1/2 miles from the Market Street Bridge – on the Lancaster Turnpike 2 1/2 miles from the Market Street Bridge.

Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware Cathedral Cemetery is owned by Catholic Cemeteries, Inc., a subsidiary of the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington.
Cathedral Cemetery was established in 1876 and incorporated as Catholic Cemeteries, Inc. It served as the only Diocesan Cemetery until 1958 when All Saints Cemetery was opened in Pike Creek Valley. The Queen of Apostles Crypt was built and dedicated in 1963. Further expansions of the cemetery and crypt took place in 1996 and again in 1999. Recently, the Christ the King Garden Mausoleum was erected near the entrance of the cemetery.

Ammons, Joseph
Bollinger, Ronimus
Bradley, Patrick
Cavanagh, Mary Mrs.
Cliggett, John
Creedert, Corneluis, Daniel, Jno
Crunneff, Patrick
Donigan, Thomas
Dooner, Patrick
Dungan, Margaret
Ely, Regina E.
Gallagher, Daniel
Gallagher, Peter
Grussenmeyer, Nicholas
Hallenbeck, Mary
Jones, Charles S.
Justin, Abram
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Sarah Mrs.
Kelsh, Elizabeth
Keul, Eleanor Mr.
Kinshella, Daniel
Lafferty, Mannel
Looney, Timothy
Lynch, Edward
Mallon, Thomas
McAllister, John
McCabe, John
McCann, John
McCullough, Thomas
McGill, John
McGinsey, Daniel
McGovern, James
McKeone, James
Mulhern, Mary Mrs.
Richardson, Rebecca
Roach, Matthew
Rudolph, Julia
Ryan, Esther A.
Ryan, Esther
Schaentzler, John
Senn, William
Smith, Thomas
Strause–Dougherty, Rose
Van Lock, Desire
Wickersham, Mary Mrs.

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