Mount Peace Cemetery

“The Odd Fellows Cemetery Company of Philadelphia was incorporated in 1849 when the population of Philadelphia was only 400,000. The original Odd Fellows Cemetery was located on Diamond Street, between 23rd and 24th Streets. Due to Philadelphia’s population growth, in 1865 the Cemetery Company purchased grounds for a second cemetery. This 50 acre tract was purchased from an estate named “Mount Peace” and is located at what is now 31st Street and Lehigh Avenue. The cemetery maintained the estate name for Mount Peace Cemetery.
3111 West Lehigh Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19132″

Mount Peace Cemetery A-H
Beckman, Laura B.
Dannals, William R.
Gebler, Anna Miss
George, Samuel
Glenn, Mary
Gross, Charles William
Gutzoell, Charles
Haegele, Fred
Haines, Horace
Hanna, Abraham & Margaret
Helland, Odd
Henderson, William Mrs. & Kane, William Mrs.
Hieber, Helen Mrs.
Hill, Lillian B.
Holmes, Joan & John
Hovnanian, James
Mount Peace Cemetery I-L
Jones, Galusha P. & wife Bennett, Sarah W.
Karchner, Wilhelmina Est of
Kearcher, Andrew Mrs.
Killian, Mary
King, John E.
King, Joseph
Kneehner, Daniel
Kohn, Abraham
Krommiller, Albert G.
Lawson, Hyland C.
Lewis, Thomas & Elizabeth
Long, Joseph J.
Lowry, Lillie Mrs.
Mount Peace Cemetery M-R
Masden, Anna
Matthews, Rebecca
Miller, Adelaide M.
Read, Albert E.
Reiter, Samuel
Ries, Charles
Righter, James H.
Robb, Alfred E.
Robinson, Jessie M.
Rublock, August
Ruhl, Walter G. Harris, Kate
Mount Peace Cemetery – S
Salinger, Alex
Santerian, Samuel
Sarajian, Charles
Saylor, Gertrude
Schaake, Lena
Schipinsky, Michael
Schneider, William
Schwarz, George W.
Scott, Charles & Katie
Shedden, Jean R.
Sheehen, Mary H.
Sheridan, M
Shoemaker, Henry
Sims, Mary E.
Siner, William H.
Spillman, H.B. & W. F.
Starr, Christian
Stepanian, Emanuel
Sterner, Jackson P.
Stoehr, Julius & Lubking, Charles
Strine, George L.
Strunk, Elma E., Estate of
Mount Peace Cemetery T-Z
Tatnall, Clifford
Taylor, Joseph A. B.
Taylor, Katherine A.
Thalmueller, Louise
Thaw, Amanda
Todd, Robert J.
Trinick, William H. Est of
Turner, Martha
Unverzagt, C.
Updyke, George
Upeneek, John
Varnum, Lillian Mrs.
Vollmer, George
Wainwright, George H.
Walker, Sarah R.
Weaver, Mary E.
Weber, Henry L.
Wentz, Emelie
Wert, L. Mrs.
Weuthen, John W.
Wiegner, Mabe E.
Wilson, Carrie
Wilson, William

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