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“The original books for Order of United American Mechanics Cemetery have been found! They are at the Chester County Historical Society in West Chester, Pa. www.chestercohistorical.org When the burials were moved to Philadelphia Memorial Park in Chester County, “Boxes and Boxes” of records were sent to the Society and they have been sitting on the shelves ever since.
Currently Vols 1-2 (November 1, 1857- March 25, 1864) and Vols 6-11 (April 10, 1876-1912) have been found. There are no alphabetical indices found as of yet.
Further- There is a book from the Union Cemetery, listed by grave site (no index) for burials circa 1832-1930’s. And, there are books on the German Lutheran Cemetery, 32nd and Lehigh Ave, Charles Reinhardt, Superintendent. These records have been elusive for years…”

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