Reflections on Genealogy

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Watch researcher Thomas W. Jones encourage fellow genealogists to have a little healthy skepticism during one's research.



Becoming a new genealogist is an exciting time. Who doesn't remember the first thrill of touching your ancestor's naturalization papers, or locating a long-ago relative in the census? At the same time, genealogy research has its own special methodology, and as new researchers, we don't always know how best to approach our searching. GSP decided to ask a variety of genealogists what they'd recommend to those first starting out (and those of us who've been researching for longer can benefit from this wise advice, too!) Keep checking back as we continue to add to our What I Wish I Knew Then series, as well as other videos.



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Former NGS President Jan Alpert talks about the importance of arranging your files.


Genealogist Josh Taylor encourages you to start (and keep!) organizing your research.


FGS Board member and MySociety radio host Thomas MacEntee shares his thoughts about what he wishes he'd known when he first began researching.


Researcher Craig Scott tells us why first impressions may not always be right.

Dick Eastman reminds us to question everything. 

Family Tree magazine editor Allison Stacy reminds us that there's no substitute for physical primary sources.

DearMYRTLE says copy title pages of your reference materials so you can cite properly.