Are Your Pennsylvania Ancestors from the Limavady & Roe Valley Area of Derry, Northern Ireland?

Jul 13, 2012


If your ancestors are from the Limavady & Roe Valley region of Derry, Northern Ireland you may be interested to learn of an educational opportunity available this fall.




9th - 13th OCTOBER 2012


Themes of this Conference


"Inextricably linked to the subject of genealogy is the study of migration – where have we come from, where are we now, where are we going. Every single person in Ireland is either a migrant or descended from a migrant."


"It is also true that there is not a townland in Ireland that has not been touched by emigration. Over the centuries, millions of Irish-born people have left these shores to seek a new life in another part of the world. These statements are as true of the Limavady borough as they are of anywhere else on this island.

The main theme of the reunion is migration. It is split into 2 events either side of a visit to the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland in Belfast.



In the sessions focussed on immigration, that is, on the movements of people to the borough over the centuries, we will provide opportunities for participants to learn more about the families of the area, where they have come from, how they have interacted, and how they have shaped the borough of today.



The sessions focussed on emigration will look at the departure of families from Limavady borough, and will emphasise the connections between the borough and its diaspora. It will also consider the factors that either encouraged or forced people to move themselves and their families to another country or continent."


For more information for this 5 day conference, click HERE or on the link above.

Accommodations for this conference are the Drummond Hotel, in Ballykelly,

3 miles west of Limavady.



Robert Forrest, of Forrest Research Services, is a long time Ulster researcher and will be a speaker during this conference. His website contains a database of surnames of the Limavady and Roe Valley area of Derry, Northern Ireland. This can be especially helpful to U.S. researchers who don't know the origins of their Ulster ancestors.