North Hills Genealogists Fall Conference - Saturday, October 26th - With F. Warren Bittner, CG - Register Now

Jul 10, 2013

North Hills Genealogists Fall 2013 Genealogy Conference


Discover Your Roots, Discover Yourself:
Putting Your Roots Into Context




F. Warren Bittner, CG


Our Fall 2013 Genealogy Conference is on Saturday October 26th. This all-day conference features F. Warren Bittner, a nationally recognized genealogy speaker who will present four lectures.





Complex Evidence: What it is, How it Works, Why it Matters
Genealogists’ goals are to establish identity and prove relationships; for many cases complex evidence is the ONLY way to do this. Using multiple sources, follow a case study by  weighing the evidence to solve a complex problem.


“Beat the Children with a Fresh Birch Stick So the Animals Don’t Get Worms” Reading for Historical Context
Read to understand your ancestors in their own world on their own terms. Learn how to find books about the cultural, political, social, and occupational lives of your ancestors. See examples from some fascinating books and learn the origin of the title quote.


Secrets of Success with
The free website has many facets of records, resources, and teaching tools. Learn the intricacies of the FamilySearch Catalog which lists resources available through Family History Centers. The website also has an online wiki which provides invaluable interactive help, and over 500 video lessons. Learn how to use each facet efficiently.


Exhausting Research to Find an Impossible Immigrant
See how the principle of “Reasonably Exhaustive Research” is used to find a “brick wall” immigrant family despite repeated dead ends and  misleading clues. Can you guess how the search will turn out?


For complete information and registration, please visit the North Hills Genealogists website.