North Hills Genealogists Program - "Irish? Scottish? Not Sure?" - With Brian O'Neill - Tuesday, June 18th - 7 pm - Northland Library

Jun 14, 2013


Irish? Scottish? Not Sure? 


Tuesday, June 18


7:00 pm - Northland Library


Presented by Brian O'Neill


Mr. O'Neill is the Director of the Association of O'Neill clans in America.  He was born in Derry, Ireland, moved to Pittsburgh in 2001 and has lectured extensively on many cultural, historical and genealogical aspects of his homeland.


Mr. O'Neill has also taken into account the surnames submitted by our members. He will personalize his presentation on Northern Ireland and Scotland to include genealogy histories, maps, and migrations.  He is well known at the Pittsburgh Irish festival. With his wealth of first hand knowledge he will give us a taste of what it was like for our ancestors who lived there and help you know where to look for them.


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