Dauphin County, PA Cemetery Database Available Online at Capital Area Genealogical Society Website

Jul 17, 2013


The Capital Area Genealogical Society thanks “Karl and Dottie Fox for all of their efforts in putting this index together, for making it available to the Society and for making it possible to provide this important genealogical resource to the general public.  The database consists of two parts.


The first part of the database is an alphabetical listing of over 115,000 names of deceased individuals:


1)  Who died in Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, and were buried in a Dauphin Co. cemetery.
2)  Who died elsewhere and were buried in a Dauphin Co. cemetery.
3)  Who died in Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, but were buried elsewhere.

This index of names was compiled from information transcribed from the gravestones from each of the 247 cemeteries located in Dauphin Co. as well as information transcribed from newspaper obituaries taken from The Harrisburg Patriot-News newspaper over the past ten years.”


This index, however, does not include gravestone information for the Harrisburg Cemetery, the Hummelstown Cemetery or the Hershey Cemetery.


For more information about the society, and to access the cemetery database please visit the website of the Capital Area Genealogical Society.