Historical & Genealogical Society of Indiana County, PA needs your help identifying photograph collections!

Jan 22, 2014


From LeeAnna Pisarcik, Volunteer with the Historical and Genealogical Society of Indiana County, Pennsylvania:

“We are currently going through our photo collection in order to include them into the Historical Society's cataloging system for its collections. In the process we have found that quite a few of our photographs are unidentified. 

We are asking for volunteers to come in and take a few moments to look through the boxes of pictures to see if they happen to recognize a person, building, or location depicted in the photograph. If you can recognize a photo, volunteers will be asked to use a blank piece of paper to write down all they may know about the picture (names, addresses, years, etc.) and pair the written information with the picture (lay them together, do NOT use paperclips). 

As pictures are identified, they will be moved to boxes according to their level of identification (non-identified, partially identified, and identified), and from there they will be slowly added to the catalogue. Any time that you can volunteer would be extremely helpful. Whether you have volunteered before or not doesn’t matter. 

From Blairsville to Cavode and from Shelocta to Cherry Tree, if you know Indiana County, please stop in and help today!”


To view several photos that need identification, and for more information about how to contact the Historical and Genealogical Society of Indiana County, PA - Please click HERE.