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Colonial Philadelphians


Colonial Philadelphians

Hannah Benner Roach, author, & Russell F. Weigley, indexer.

Hannah Josephine Benner Roach (1907-1976) was a distinguished genealogist and also an architect and historian. This volume of selected examples of her published articles represents something of the breadth of her interests & abilities, as well as her meticulous care as a researcher in genealogy.





Pennsylvania German Roots Across the Ocean

Contents: Problems & Resources in Pennsylvania German Genealogy Research; Palatine & Palatinate; German Qual. for Naturalization in PA, 1728; Advice to German Immigrants, 1749; Annotations to Strassburger & Hinke's Pennsylvania German Pioneers; Palatines & Servants Imported on the King of Prussia; Ancestry of the 13 Krefeld Emigrants of 1683; An Emigrant to America in 1749 from Rhodt (Palatinate); Emigrants to America from Zweibrucken; Survey of Immigrants of the Haldeman Family of Switzerland to Montgomery, Chester, & Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania, before 1750; Clues Hidden in Administration Papers; Emigrants from Hesse, Germany, 1748-1766; 18th-Century Emigrants from Hochst in dem Odenwald; Estab. the German Origins of Northampton County Settlers; Name Index.




Pennsylvania Land Applications: Volume 2: New Purchase Applications, 1769-1773 

Kenneth D. McCrea, author.


Often overlooked or ignored by genealogists, records of land transactions frequently provide valuable clues to family relationships, social status, and stage of life. Land records enable researchers to better understand the lives & communities of their ancestors. The area of PA covered by the New Purchase formed a strip across the State from the SW corner to the NE corner. It included all or part of 26 of the 67 present-day counties in PA. At the time of the purchase, the new land was annexed to the existing counties of Cumberland, Berks & Northampton. Illustrations.




Philadelphia Maps, 1682-1982: Townships -- Districts -- Wards

John Daly, editor, and Allen Weinberg, editor. 


This reprinted volume contains a valuable collection of city ward maps that trace the changes in ward boundaries beginning in 1682, and also includes a map of the city wards as of 1982. Included in this book is the original preface to Ward Genealogy of the City and County of Philadelphia, which explains in detail the laws and divisions of the political boundaries affecting Philadelphia from 1691 through 1965.