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The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine – called Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania from 1895 until 1947 – is the third oldest continuing genealogical publication in the country.  PGM has evolved through five distinct phases with various research focuses.  Currently, it is offered to members as a quarterly digital publication.  In addition, a print issue that includes articles published during the year as well as an annual index is available for purchase.  Learn more about the history of PGM.


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Current Issue: Summer 2014 (Volume 49, Number 2)

Table of contents

Letter to Members


Genealogical Gleanings from the Records of the Industrial Reformatory at Huntingdon, 1889 

contributed by Maureen Whyte 

The Pennsylvania Industrial Reformatory at Huntingdon opened in 1889 to house young males who were first offenders. Transcribed here are some genealogical gleanings from the reformatory’s records from February to April 1889, but the original records (available here online) offer a lot of other details about inmates.

Online only: Original pages from the Industrial Reformatory records


The German Origins of George Felty (Hans Jerg Veltin) of Lebanon County Part II: Maternal Ancestry   

by Clifford L. Stott, AG, CG, FASG

A complement to a 2011 PGM article about the paternal ancestry of George Felty (Hans Jerg Veltin), the maternal ancestry has been documented in this article.

Online special: The German Origins of George Felty (Hans Jerg Veltin) of Lebanon County Part I: Paternal Ancestry by Clifford L. Stott, AG, CG, FASG 


Jones Family Record: Chester, Lancaster, and Philadelphia Counties   

contributed by Aaron Goodwin  

This Bible was published in 1792, but the handwrit­ing is predomi­nantly that of Uselma C. Smith, whose 1841 birth is rec­orded in it and whose signature is dated 16 February 1900, following a statement of provenance for some of the information. Two certificates of removal received at the Philadelphia Monthly Meet­ing on the same day, one referenced in the Bible record, provide addi­tional information regarding the origins of the immigrant family.


School Tax List, 1890, Colebrookdale Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania   

contributed by Jane Benner  

John F. Walt, president of the school board of directors for Colebrookdale school district, issued a warrant 18 October 1890 to James B. Endy to collect a tax on behalf of the school board.



Last Issue: Spring 2014 (Volume 49, Number 1)

Table of Contents


Letter to Members: Moving PGM into the Digital World


The Cash-Leacock Bible

contributed by Michael J. Leclerc

Given to Mary (Cash) Leacock by her father, Caleb Cash, this Bible commences with the record of Mary's marriage to John Leacock at Christ's Church in 1715.


Catalogue of the Nursery at Nazareth

contributed by Sandra M. Hewlett, CG

A chance discovery of well-preserved 18th century Moravian documents in the Northampton County manuscript collections at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania revealed a list of children in the nursery at Nazareth circa 1758.


Bishop-Henshall Bible Record, Philadelphia

contributed by Jane Benner

Marriages, births, and deaths from the author's family, including Bishop, Henshall, Lehman, and others.

Online only: Original pages from the Bishop-Henshall Bible


Births and Baptisms Recorded at the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas, Philadelphia 1792-1817

contributed by Leslie B. Potter, JD

A continuation from PGM 48:120, this listing covers births and baptisms at St. Thomas from 1808 to 1817.