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Member collections include newspaper indexes, church records, cemetery records, funeral home records, and other records.  Text-based PDFs of records are searchable, while handwritten records are image-based and can be browsed page by page.

Please note that many of our collections are comprised of handwritten records or older typefaces that are not read by optical character recognition.  For this reason, names might not be found by the search engine, so you also should browse the indexes and collections for names of interest.

Search tip: When you open a searchable PDF document or web page, go to your internet browser’s Edit and Find function or use Ctrl-F to search for a name or word.  A lot of our collections are scanned documents, so often the letter “O” is read by the optical character recognition as the number zero “0” and the letter “l” could be scanned as a number “1” .  You may get more results if you try several different options.

Please note that some collections take a minute to open.  The first page often includes only a title, so you may need to scroll down.  Most of these collections are PDF files, and some browsers produce a message asking you whether you want to open the file, which is normal.

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Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania Publications

Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine

Includes a vast collection of abstracted Pennsylvania source material, compiled genealogies, research methodology, and bibliography to Pennsylvania researchers for more than 115 years. Searching PGM through our full-text search could reveal your ancestors in church, tax, military, orphans’ court, apprentice, administration, immigration or naturalization records, deeds, cemetery inscriptions, newspaper extracts, compiled genealogies, and more.  Early and most recent issues of PGM are online, other volumes will be back online soon.

Penn In Hand Newsletter (1980-present)

The first Penn in Hand (PIH) newsletter was published in February 1980 and included news of genealogical societies across Pennsylvania, information on upcoming genealogical events, research tips, and a list of new members. While many changes have taken place in the world of genealogy since 1980, the core information in Penn in Hand has remained valuable to researchers.  Check out  old issues of PIH for research tips from seasoned genealogists, reviews of books that could be helpful in your work, and family history stories that can inform your understanding of your own family.  In progress, with remaining issues back online soon.

GSP is very interested in publishing the work of its members, so we encourage you to submit articles of interest to the PIH editor: Deborah Coombe at

Mount Moriah Cemetery Database

The Mount Moriah Cemetery Database was compiled through much work by dedicated volunteers of The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.  We offer this database to our members as a means for them to search by name and plot number.  Due to its size and format (standalone database) it must be searched separately from the rest of the website.

Pennsylvania Records

Mrs. W. A. Berryman Collection

An extensive collection of church and cemetery records and other transcriptions and family history information from several Pennsylvania counties compiled by Mrs. Walter A Berryman (Doris Fritz Berryman) and donated to the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania by the Mahanoy Area Historical Society. Some records are only one or two pages and other include hundreds of pages. 

John Humphrey Collection of Pennsylvania Birth Records

The John Humphrey collection of Pennsylvania birth records were extracted from early Pennsylvania church records by the late noted Pennsylvania genealogist John Humphrey.  Mr. Humphrey left the rights to his collections to the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.  There are a total of 16 books representing 15 counties in the collection.

The records are full-text searchable.  The online collection includes all 16 publications.  The publications will be available for sale in a digital format on Flash Drives.  The corresponding Churches and Ministers can be found in the respective Title and Profile document.

      1. Berks County Births 1710-1780
      2. Berks County Births 1781-1800
      3. Bucks County Births – 1682-1800
      4. Carbon, Monroe and Schuylkill
        1. Carbon County Births – 1795-1825
        2. Monroe County Births – 1741-1825
        3. Schuylkill County Births – 1755-1825
      5. Chester County Births 1682-1800
      6. Dauphin County Births – 1757-1825
      7. Delaware County Births – 1682-1800
      8. Lancaster County Births 1723-1777
      9. Lancaster County Births 1778-1800
      10. Lebanon County Births – 1714-1800
      11. Lehigh County Births 1734-1800
      12. Montgomery County 1682-1800
      13. Northampton County Births – 1733- 1800
      14. Philadelphia County Births – 1644-1765
      15. Philadelphia County Births – 1766 1780 
      16. York County Births 1730-1800

The books are also available for research at the GSP library.

Divorces Granted by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania from December 1785 until 1801

Dutton Collection of Deaths, Marriages, Etc.

The Dutton collection is a transcript, alphabetically arranged, of about 4000 records of deaths, marriages, and other events. Most are from the Chester County and Delaware County area. This is invaluable for its records not only of family events, but of migrations and travels, including several to Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, and South Carolina.

It is a copy of a transcript that was owned by Gilbert Cope, of West Chester, who described it as follows: “The following records of deaths, marriages, etc., are taken from a book belonging to Hannah Dutton of Sugartown (Willistown township), and as I have understood it formerly belonged to her father Richard Dutton of Middletown (born 1776). There is some reason for supposing that it had belonged to one of the Larkin family, perhaps Richard Dutton’s father-in-law Isaac Larkin, but I have not inquired particularly as to its history (the spelling is not always correct). (Copied 1872) (Signed) GILBERT COPE West Chester Penna.”

Marriage Certificates Beginning with 1681

Marriage Register of Pennsylvania, 1683-1696

Marriages Published in Der Bauernfreund

Der Bauernfreund (“the farmer’s friend”) was a German-language weekly newspaper founded in Sumneytown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, in 1828 by Adam Slemmer and Enos Benner. Soon after founding the paper, Slemmer withdrew but Enos Benner continued publishing it until 1858, when he sold it to Albrecht Kneule. Kneule combined it with The Pennsbury Demokrat and continued to publish it well into the 1890s. Below are translations done by Kenneth H. Hallman of the marriages published in issues from August 1832 to December 31, 1845, courtesy of the Montgomery County (Pa.) Historical Society

  1. Marriages Published in Der Bauernfreund, August 15, 1832 – August 6, 1834
  2. Marriages Published in Der Bauernfreund, August 13, 1834 – August 3, 1836
  3. Marriages Published in Der Bauernfreund, August 10, 1836 – January 17, 1838
  4. Marriages Published In Der Bauernfreund, January 24, 1838 – January 8, 1840
  5. Marriages Published In Der Bauernfreund, January 15, 1840 – December 29,1841
  6. Marriages Published in Der Bauernfreund, January 5, 1842 – December 27, 1843
  7. Marriages Published in Der Bauernfreund, January 3, 1844 – December 31, 1845
  8. Marriages Published in Der Bauernfreund, January 7, 1846 – December 29, 1847
  9. Marriages Published in Der Bauernfreund, January 5, 1848 – December 26, 1849
  10. Marriages Published in Der Bauernfreund, January 2, 1850 – December 31, 1851
  11. Marriages Published in Der Bauernfreund, January 7, 1852 – December 28, 1853
  12. Marriages Published in Der Bauernfreund, January 4, 1854 – December 26, 1855
  13. Marriages Published in Der Bauernfreund, January 2, 1856 – July 7, 1858

Church Records 

Cemetery and Funeral Home Records

    • American Mechanics Cemetery Philadelphia PA – not yet digitized

An extensive collection of church and cemetery records and other transcriptions and family history information from several counties compiled by Mrs. Walter A Berryman (Doris Fritz Berryman) and donated to the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania by the Mahanoy Area Historical Society. Some records are only one or two pages and other include hundreds of pages. 

  • Mulligan Funeral Home

    This is a collection of cemetery deeds from the Harold B. Mulligan Funeral Home.    The deeds date from 1840 to 1978. They are arranged alphabetically by cemetery then by plot owner. About half of the deeds were stored with other materials related to the deceased.

    These include correspondence, addresses, and information on others buried in the plot. This collection contains valuable information if researching someone that might have been
    associated with the Mulligan Funeral Home.

    This collection is comprised of cemetery deeds from funerals handled by the Harold B. Mulligan Funeral Home. The deeds date from 1840 to 1978. There are a total of 128 cemeteries across 7 linear feet. Most of the cemeteries represented are, or were, in Philadelphia and the immediate area, however there are a couple from as far as Ohio, Maryland, and New York. The cemeteries outside of Philadelphia have considerably fewer deeds than those in Philadelphia.

County Records

County Marriage Records – Selected

Provincial Tax Lists of the Three Lower Counties

Allegheny County

Election Returns, Lists of Voters, 1776-1790

Bucks County

Bucks County, Pennsylvania Coroners’ Records, 1710-1729

Early Registry of Wills in Bucks County, Pennsylvania 1684-1693

Hambleton Family Book dated 1887

Chester County

Abstracts of Feme Covert Declarations for Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1832-1848

Dutton Collection of Deaths, Marriages, Etc.

Miscellaneous Marriages and Marriages by John Graves, Esquire

Peddlers and Indian Traders License Papers, 1722-1866

Some Early Arrivals : Settlers in Chester County, Pennsylvania

Fayette County

Election Returns, Lists of Voters, 1776-1790

Huntingdon County

Court and Prison Records

Includes the following collections:

    • Genealogical Gleanings from the Records of the Industrial Reformatory at Huntingdon, 1889
    • Industrial Reformatory at Huntingdon Records: 1889

Luzerne County

Election Returns, Lists of Voters, 1776-1790

Mifflin County

Election Returns, Lists of Voters, 1776-1790

Montgomery County

Marriage Record of Mahlon Van Buskirk (1812-1839)

Mahlon Van Buskirk was commissioned May 6, 1811 as Justice of the Peace for Moreland and Upper Dublin Township.  Records from 1812-1839

Philadelphia County

Ancient Records of Philadelphia, 1703-1770

Court and Prison Records

Selected and indexed by volunteers of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania

    • Genealogical Gleanings from the Eastern State Penitentiary Moral Instructor’s Book A, 1829-1840
    • Eastern State Penitentiary Book A: Name Index with links to original pages
    • Foreign Born Female Convicts: 1898-1905
    • Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Divorce Docket: June 1 1874 – March 1875
    • Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Lunacy Inquests: 1856-1874 Extracts
    • Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Lunacy Inquests: 1856-1874 Index
    • Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Miscellaneous Docket: 1856-1867
    • Philadelphia County Prison Death Records: 1819-1830
    • Philadelphia Quarter Sessions Court Desertion Docket: 1865-72
    • Prisoners For Trial First Quarter: 1836 Extracts
    • Prisoners For Trial First Quarter: 1836 Index

Earliest Records of the Burials in Philadelphia from the Board of Health, 1803 

Earliest Burial Records of the Board of Health, 1807

Landholders of Philadelphia County, 1734

Philadelphia Wills, 1682-1692

Wills Proved at Philadelphia, 1692-1697

Miscellaneous Records

Almshouse and Asylum Records

This includes records from several Philadelphia institutions.  They can be cross-referenced against census records and newspapers to find additional information.

    • Blockley Alms House Black Book (Punishments) : 1882-1900
    • Persons Living at Friends Insane Asylum – 1860 Federal Census Enumeration
    • Philadelphia Children’s Asylum Extracts – White Male Children : January 1848-February 1849
    • Philadelphia Children’s Asylum Index – White Male Children : January 1848 – February 1849
    • Blockley Alms House – Female Elopements (Escapes) : April 1861 – December 1862 
    • Philadelphia Board of Health – Interments : Blockley, Francisville, and Cherry Hill Burial Grounds : 1819-1836

Newspaper Indexes and Abstracts

These were compiled with much work by indexing volunteers from the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania who examined newspapers and extracted references to individual names and dates.  Indexes such as these have proven to uncover many references to people that are not picked up by OCR scanning of newspapers.

Philadelphia Public Ledger Newspaper Indexes Collection

Fully searchable INDEXES to origins of immigrants, local affairs, marriages, and deaths from the Philadelphia Public Ledger, 1836 – 1878 (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)

Dauphin County Newspaper Abstracts

Erie Dispatch Queries about 18th and 19th century families : 1927 – 1929 – (Erie County)

These were compiled from 1927 – 1929, but represent many earlier dates in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Poulson’s Daily Advertiser, 1791 – 1839 Indexes and Abstracts

This is a handwritten index to five Philadelphia newspapers, including Poulson’s Daily Advertiser and four others: Dunlap’s American Daily Advertiser, Claypoole’s Daily American Advertiser, General (Aurora) Advertiser.  Possibly the most important aspect of this collection to immediately note is the inclusion of FIVE newspapers in the indexes and abstracts, despite the collection title noting only one newspaper. The Philadelphia newspaper titles and dates covered in this collection include:

1. Dunlap’s American Daily Advertiser – Marriages, 1791 – 1796 and Deaths, 1791 – 1796

2. Claypoole’s Daily American Advertiser – Marriages,  1796 – 1800 and Deaths, 1796 – 1799

3. General Advertiser – Marriages, 1791 – 1795 and Deaths, 1791 – 1795

4. General (Aurora) Advertiser – Marriages, 1796 – 1799 and Deaths, 1796 – 1799

5.  Poulson’s Daily Advertiser – Marriages 1800 only

6. Poulson’s American Daily Advertiser – Marriages, 1800 – 1830; Marriages, 1831 – 1839 (Information includes residence of bride & groom and father of bride); Deaths, 1811 – 1825 and Obituaries, 1826 – 1839


Seventeenth-Century Occupations

Passenger and Emigration Lists

Emigrants from Hesse, Germany Who Left One After Another for Pennsylvania, 1748-1766


A 22 page document (Transcribed January 23, 1971 by Dale A. Dickey, great-great-grandson of Thomas Dickey, a member of the Society

Other States


A 1688 Census of Kent County, Delaware

Extracts from the Register of the Ancient Chapel of St. John the Baptist, near Milton, Delaware

Gleanings in Sussex County, Delaware

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