List of Approved Ancestors

First Families of Pennsylvania—Approved Ancestors

Listed in this table are the qualifying ancestors—those whose residency in Pennsylvania falls within one of the required time periods—from First Families applications approved to date. Inclusion of an ancestral name is acceptable proof of residency for future applications.

NOTE: Please note that this list is not exclusive.  This is merely a list of ancestors who have been approved at the time that this list was posted.  If your ancestor is not on the list and you are approved, your ancestor will be added to the list.  If your ancestor is on the list, you need only prove your direct descent from this ancestor to join First Families.

List updated 2020

Boston, Sarah




Albright/Albrect, John Lancaster County 1740
Alexander,  Alexander Bedford 1776
Ashmead, John Philadelphia 1682
Babb, Peter Jr. Allegheny County 1728
Babb, Peter Sr. Allegheny County 1790
Barnhill, William Sr Bucks County 1754
Bender, Jacob Philadelphia County 1747
Bender, Jacob A. Philadelphia County 1787
Bender, John Philadelphia County 1755
Bergin/Berrigan, James Lycoming County 1865
Black, Robert York County 1749
Boker, Magdelena Philadelphia County 1685

Boston, Sarah

Mansfield, Tioga County 1860
Mansfield, Tioga County 1860
Buchanan, David A. Kensington, Philadelphia County 1849
Buckman, William Newtown, Bucks County 1790
Bustill, Cyrus Philadelphia 1682
Byerly/Bierly, Dietrich Kensington, Philadelphia County 1785
Carrier, Lewis Clark Sharon, Potter County 1850
Carter, James Northampton Township, Bucks County 1714
Carter, Mary Philadelphia 1682
Chapman, John Wrightstown, Bucks County 1684
Cloud, William East Marlborough, Chester County 1682
Cock, Lawrence Petterson New Castle 1746
Cooke, Col. William Paxton Township, Lancaster County 1760
Cornell, Adrian Holland, Bucks County 1739
Cowhey, Patrick and Ann Manheim Township, Schuylkill County 1840
Cowhey,  Ann Schuylkill 1840
Cremer/Creamer, Casper Germantown, Philadelphia County 1772
Cunningham,  John Adams 1748
Darby, Edwin Tyler Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 1864
Davidson, Alexander Venango 1808
Davis, Elisha Providence Township, Philadelphia County 1756
DeHaven, Evart Philadelphia County 1698
Dierforff, Anthony York County 1767
Eckley, Peter Pennsylvania 1790
Evan, Phillip Berks County 1720
Evans, Ensign Daniel Vincent Township, Chester County 1752
Evans, Joshua Berks County 1777
Evans, Thomas Rees Vincent Township, Chester County 1752
Farquhar, George Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 1801
Faust, Jacob Sr. Philadelphia County 1733
Ferree, Marie de la Warrenbur Paradise, Chester (now Lancaster) County 1712
Ferree, Philip Strasburg, Chester County 1716
Finley, Michael Sadsbury Township, Chester County 1743
Flohr, Valentine; Elizabeth Zimmerman Flohr, Leonard Flohr Dover Township, York County 1748
Frey, Elizabeth and Linebaugh, Daniel Skippack, Montogmery County 1719/1760
Frey, Heinrich Philadelphia County 1680
Frey, Heinrich Philadelphia 1685
Frey, Jacob and Catherine Schoch East District Township, Berks County 1755
Frey,  Jacob Berks 1755
Fuller, Balthazar Frederick Township, Philadelphia County 1763
Gable/Gebel, Valentine Western Salisbury Township, Northampton County 1771
Gilbride, James Wayne County 1850
Gilliland, James Faggs Manor, Chester County 1739
Glassbrenner, Johan Georg Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 1732
Glover, Charles LeRoy Corry, Erie County 1885
Gominger, Agnes Nill Germantown, Philadelphia County 1753
Graff, George Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 1844
Gutknecht, Christian I Germantown, Philadelphia County 1749
Hamer, Rebecca Bart Township, Lancaster County 1766
Hamilton, William  Lancaster County  1762
Harker, Mary Middletown, Bucks County 1718
Harlacher, Charles Lancaster 1746
Harlan,  George New Castle 1687
Harmer, William Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 1682
Hart, Mary Catherine Wayne County 1850
Hart, William Bertram Bucks County 1747
Hartsfelder, Julian Germantown, Philadelphia County 1675/1676
Hayhurst, Cuthbert II Middletown, Bucks County 1682
Hayhurst, David Middletown, Bucks County 1761-1765
Hayhurst, James Middletown, Bucks County 1732
Heijt, Hans Yost  Philadelphia County  1718
Heiney, Philip Northampton County 1784
Henninger, George and son Jacob Friedrich Richland Township, Berks County 1771
Henninger, Jacob Freiderich Berks 1771
Henninger,  George Berks 1771
Hertzel, Anna Christina Bucks County 1732
Higgins, John Daniel Philadelphia County 1884
Higgins, Sarah McIntyre Philadelphia County 1884
Hodge, Henry Philadelphia, Philadelphia County about 1715
Hoge, John Cumberland County 1760
Hollands, Henry Mansfield, Tioga County 1860
Hollingsworth, Valentine New Castle County 1682
Hood, John Darby Township, Chester County 1864
Hoke, Jacob Johann Lancaster 1730
Hoopes, Joshua Mansfield, Bucks County 1683
Hughes, John Upper Merion, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) County 1683
Humphries, David Carlisle    
Hunsicker, Valentine Philadelphia 1717
Hussey, Elizabeth “Betty” Philadelphia 1759
Hunsperger,  Peter Philadelphia 1772
Hutchenson,  Thomas Chester 1810
Hutcheson, Thomas West Bradford Township, Chester County 1810
Jenkins, Eleazer Washington County 1786
Jenks, Thomas Middletown, Bucks County 1738
Joyce, George York County 1789
Kaczmarek, Marianna Pittsburgh, Allegheny County 1892
Kauck, Christian Philadelphia 1781
Keim, Johannes (John) Manatawny Creek, Oley Valley, Philadelphia (now Berks) County 1697/1698
Kern, Nicolas Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 1727
Kirk, John Chester County 1687
Kirkpatrick, Alexander Martic Township, Lancaster County 1746
Kitchen, John C. Philadelphia County 1796
Klein/Kline, Jacob Montgomery County 1746
Kleiss, Anna Elizabeth Oley Township, Philadelphia County 1723
Klotz, Jacob Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 1738
Knecht, Charles Northampton County 1805
Knecht, Georg Peter Bucks County 1732
Knecht, Hans Leonard Bucks County 1760
Knecht, Leonard Northampton County 1796
Kniep/Knipe, Johannes Gwynedd Township, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) County 1763
Knight, Frances Philadelphia, Philadelphia County about 1715
Krewson, John Bucks 1786
Krimm, Frederick Lycoming County 1886
Lane, Corbin Bedford County 1773
Lane, Samuel Bedford County 1775
Laughlin, Robert Washington County 1786
Laverty, James Philadelphia 1855
Leighty, Jacob Fayette 1790
Leinbach, Elizabeth Frey Montgomery 1719
Leinbach, Johann Frederick Sr. Oley Township, Philadelphia County 1723
Leinbach,, Sr. Johannes Philadelphia 1723
Levering, Anna Catherine Philadelphia County 1685
Levering, Wigard Philadelphia County 1685
Levering,  Wigard Philadelphia 1685
Lewis, Mary Allegheny County 1728
Liming, Henry Westmoreland County 1778
Liming, Joseph Westmoreland County 1778
Linderman, Conrad Philadelphia 1779
Linebaugh,  Daniel Montgomery 1760
Litzenberg, Simon Haverford, Delaware County 1763
Litzinger, Leonard Berks County 1765
Lloyd, Henry Huntingdon (now Cambria) County 1794
Margareno Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 1840
May, John; May, Jacob; May, Sophia Rummel; Rummel, George; Rummel, Catharine Tawney York County 1758-1789
May,  Jacob York 1777
McCulley, Joseph Hegarty Philadelphia County 1816
McDonald, John Cumberland County 1827
McGoogan, Robert Westmoreland County 1783
Mellott, George Washington Fulton 1840
Mellott, George Washington Bedford County 1840
Merryman, Joshua Huntingdon County 1815
Milligan, Samuel Cumberland 1775
Monington, Emalinda Damascus Township, Wayne County 1828
Moore, Henry L Pennsylvania 1824
Morrey, Humphrey Philadelphia 1683
Mulroy, Michael and Bridget Monaghan Schuylkill 1860
Nagle, Richard Allegheny Township, Cambria County 1787
Norbeck, Henry & Mary Ann  Philadelphia County  1766
O’Brien, James Philadelphia County 1864
O’Brien, James Joseph and Mary Hennessey Pittsburgh, Allegheny County 1886
O’Brien, Mary Hennessy Allegheny 1886
Ogle, Thomas New Castle County 1739
Pennington, Robert Centre County 1805/1806
Peters, Aloysious John Nicktown, Cambria 1892
Powell, William  Philadelphia County  1684
Phillips, Theophilus WestmorelandCounty 1780
Pyle, Robert Chester County 1683
Rainey, Isaac Burnside, Clearfield County 1840
Rainey, Robert H. Clearfield County 1814
Rambo, Peter Gunnarson Hollander Creek, New Sweden, now Philadelphia County 1639-1640
Rathbun, Valentine, Mira Gray, and Jackson D. Erie County 1854
Reed/Read, Colonel Seth Erie, Erie County 1795
Reeves, Newton H. Westmoreland County 1853
Regli, Joseph Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 1818
Reichard, Mathias Lancaster County 1760
Reiter,  Georg Philadelphia 1727
Remeter, Peter and Mayer, Mary Magdalene Philadelphia, Philadelphia County  1772
Rickey, John Northumberland 1782
Rex,  George Philadelphia 1720
Rightmyer, Henry Berks 1743
Riter, Dr. George W. Philadelphia County 1795
Roddy, James Donegal, Chester County 1722
Rogers, Thomas Middletown, Bucks County 1690
Rogers,  Thomas Bucks 1690
Rorabaugh, Hannah Centre County 1808-1810
Rosenberger, Benjamin Jr. Hatfield Township, Montgomery County 1781
Rosenberger, Benjamin Sr. Franconia Township, Montgomery County 1774
Rosenberger, Elias (Yellis) Hatfield Township, Montgomery County 1778
Rosenberger, Heinrich Franconia Township, Montgomery County 1729
Rowen/Rohn, Christopher/Johann Christoph Kensington, Philadelphia County 1776
Ruckstuhl, Solomon Sr. Salford Township, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) County 1737
Rudd, Mary Middletown, Bucks County 1682
Ruger, Hans Jurg/ Rex, George Germantown, Philadelphia County 1720
Rummel,  George York 1758
Rummel,  Sophia York 1790
Rutty, Ezra Northumberland 1779
Saddler, Simon Schirmann Philadelphia County 1733
Schlauch, Maria Margaret Bucks County 1760
Schneider, Martin York County 1781
Schneider,  Martin York 1781
Schoch,  Catherine Berks 1755
Schott, Christina Northampton County 1796
Schurmann/Sherman, Simon Tulpehocken, Lancaster (now Berks) County 1733
Scott, John Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 1865
Serfass, Johan Philip Philadelphia 1739
Seybert/Seibert, Sebastian Northampton 1766
Shallcross, Leonard Jr. Philadelphia County 1757
Shanks/Shanks, Alexander Philadelphia County 1816
Shanks, William Philadelphia County 1816
Sharp, Andrew Armstrong Township, Westmoreland (now Indiana) County 1786
Sharp, Catherine T Loretto, Cambria County 1897
Sheaff, Philip Montgomery County 1788
Sheaff, William Montgomery County 1788
Shillingsford, James Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 1732
Shoemaker, Jacob Hemlock Township, Columbia County 1820
Shoemaker, Sarah Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County 1686
Sigmann, Johannes Bucks County 1738
Silbert, John George Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 1800
Singley, Martin Philadelphia County 1738
Skene, James Providence Township, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) County 1754-1761
Smothers, Oliver Hazzard Perry Brownsville, Fayette County 1823
Spencer, Ann Abington, Philadelphia County 1737
Stahr, Lydia Northampton County 1810
Stoebener, Johan Jacob Luzerne 1855
Strawn, Benjamin Greene County 1780
Tawney,  Catharine York 1758
Thomas, Seth C. Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 1748
Thorschutz, Johann Lehigh 1899
Treude, Justus Philadelphia County 1845
VanGorder, Jacob Sr Beaver in or before 1783
Vogel, John Lycoming County 1854
vonLohr, Dr. Johann Georg Chester County 1698
Warfield, Nicholas Antrim, Franklin County 1830
Warner, Sarah Buckingham, Bucks County 1766
Weber, Jacob Lampeter, Lancaster County 1723
Weber, Johan Jost Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 1789
Weise, Adam  Philadelphia County  1766
Wells, Richard Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 1760
Wharton, Stanislaus Allegheny Township, Cambria County 1810
Whitehill, James  Cumberland 1762
Widmaier, Heinrich; Barbara Treiber, Heinfrich Widmaier, Jr. North Beaver Township, Beaver County 1834
Williams, Dunk Bucks County 1676
Williams, Joseph Philadelphia, Philadelphia County 1790
Williams, Samuel Hellam Township, York County 1810
Williams,  Joseph Philadelphia 1790
Williams,  Margareno Philadelphia 1840
Wolf, Jacob Cumberland County 1779
Woodson, Lewis Allegheny County 1831
Ziegler,  Philip Berks 1746
Zollinger, Jakob Leabanon County 1749
Zyks, Jan “John” Pittsburgh, Allegheny County 1890
Zyks, Katarzyna “Catherine” Pittsburgh, Allegheny County 1898

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