How to Apply to First Families

**Revised on Sept.12, 2023**    

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First Families Approved Ancestors

Print out the FFP Checklist and mark it by hand as you complete the application procedure. This checklist MUST accompany your FFP application and the Direct Ancestor Chart.

Membership Procedure

An applicant must be a current member of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania. Application fees for FFP are for the review process and are non-refundable. Annual GSP membership fees are also not prorated or refundable. For additional information or questions, email:

For each application:

  1. Identify your Pennsylvania ancestor.
  2. Read the FFP Application FAQs for general information on applications.
  3. Read the Research Guide on Documenting Your Ancestor. This guide and the FAQs that it contains
    will help you determine the documentation that you need for your application.
  4. Assemble the necessary documentation following the information in the Research Guide and FAQs.
  5. Read the Checklist for Submitting a First Families Application. This will explain the format that is required for your application.
  6. Complete the FFP Application. Click here for a sample application.
  7. Complete the FFP Direct Ancestor Chart. Click here for a sample chart.
  8. Prepare a check for the nonrefundable $75.00 application fee.
  9. Prepare your application package and be sure it contains:
    a. Complete application for your ancestor.
    b. Completed Checklist for submitting a FFP Application.
    c. Completed FFP Lineage Chart.
    d. All documents referenced in your application.
    e. Check for the nonrefundable $75.00 application fee.
  10. Be sure you are a current member of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.
  11. Keep the originals and/or copies of all materials for your own records. DO NOT send originals. We do not return any submitted items.
  12. Mail your application to:

First Families of Pennsylvania
Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania
2100 Byberry Road, Suite 111
Philadelphia, PA 19116

Once an application is received in the GSP office, it is assigned to a First Families Committee volunteer for review. The volunteers are all trained in verifying lineage society applications. After completing their review, they notify the applicant with review results. If additional materials are needed, applicants are given the opportunity to submit it.  The submitted application and all supporting documents become the property of GSP.

Application Guides and Forms

The following forms and guide are designed to help you complete your application. All forms submitted
to FFP must be computer-generated or typed for legibility.

Research Guide on Documenting Your Ancestor. This guide and the FAQs will explain in detail
the types of documentation that are accepted by First Families of Pennsylvania.

First Families Application Form. This PDF document can be opened and downloaded. The form is designed to present lineage information and source citations on the same line.

FFP Direct Ancestor Chart.  As you are completing your application and moving from each generation to the previous one, complete the appropriate lines on this chart. The chart will show you whether you have strong evidence that links each generation to the one before.  Blanks on this chart will tell you that your application is not complete. Submit a computer-generated or typed copy of this chart with your FFP application.

Checklist for Submitting a First Families Application. This checklist is designed to help applicants make sure that they have followed all instructions before submitting an application. The checklist may be completed by hand but MUST be included with the application.

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