GSP Digital Newsletters

The GSP Digital Newsletter

We look forward to keeping you informed by giving you dates and times of upcoming events what is new.  You can submit general resource questions to the newsletter, the published responses will be a source of information to our readers.

If you would like to be a contributor to the newsletter email editor@genpa.orgWe look forward to seeing your short stories, funny stories, interesting finds, a genealogical experience or a really challenging brick wall.  We are always looking for new data collections  or publications you think would be an asset to the GSP website.

We have received many contributions for the newsletter and look forward to hearing from you.  Submissions work best if in plain text format with no formatting , no end notes and no footnotes.  No story is too short or too long, it can be a roadblock or a wonderful research find.

For further details regarding research requests visit our Research Requests page at…

The GSP Newsletters can be printed for those who like a print publication.


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