First Families of Pennsylvania

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First Families of Pennsylvania (FFP) is a lineage society open to any GSP member who can prove descent from a resident of what is now Pennsylvania during the time periods listed below:

  • Colony and Commonwealth: 1638–1790
  • Keystone and Cornerstone: 1791–1865
  • Pennsylvania Proud: 1866–1900

Purpose of the Program

The First Families program offers GSP members a way to honor their Pennsylvania ancestors at the same time they are preserving part of their research. Once an application is approved, members will receive a specially-designed membership pin and a certificate including the time period and the ancestor’s name.  Presentations are announced at the next Annual Meeting of the Society.

Ancestor Qualifications

The First Family ancestor must have been a resident of Pennsylvania during one of the three time periods listed above. Evidence submitted as proof must be sufficient to prove the ancestor’s residence in Pennsylvania during the selected period and to establish direct descent from the ancestor.

Note that the First Families list is not a comprehensive list of all families who were present in what is now Pennsylvania, but rather a list of the ancestors who have been submitted in First Families applications by our members for inclusion in one of the three First Families categories.

For more information, see links below.

How to Apply
List of Approved Ancestors
Frequently Asked Questions


***Don’t forget one of the qualifiers to apply to First Families is being a member of GSP.   Join GSP