Kensington Methodist Episcopal

The Kensington Methodist Episcopal collections consists of 5 Excel Spreadsheets that have been converted to searchable PDF files. Each of the spreadsheets have been broken down into small files to open easily and also to facilitate the search feature.  The files open as PDF’s and it will be necessary to increase  the zoom level of the pages to read them, but each file is fully searchable using  the Windows/Browser Find feature or the CTRL+F keystroke.

The records for the church have been microfilmed and can be viewed locally in Philadelphia at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. The years of records available are from 1809  to 1927, therefore some of the years offered here have not been microfilmed and are available only at the church.

Kensington Methodist Episcopal Baptisms Alphabetical

Kensington_Methodist_Episcopal Baptisms_1-5    ABBOTT – CALL,
Kensington_Methodist_Episcopal Baptisms_6-10    CALLAHAN – DUVALL
Kensington_Methodist_Episcopal Baptisms_11-16    DWIER – HODGSON
Kensington_Methodist_Episcopal Baptisms_17-22   HODGSON –  LYSTER
Kensington_Methodist_Episcopal Baptisms_23-27    MAAG – PORTER
Kensington_Methodist_Episcopal Baptisms_28-32    POTE – SIMMINGTON
Kensington_Methodist_Episcopal Baptisms_33-37    SMITH – VAUGHAN
Kensington_Methodist_Episcopal Baptisms_38-41    VAUGHAN – ZART

Kensington Methodist Episcopal Baptisms  Chronological listing

Kensington Methodist Episcopal Marriages Chronological listing

Marriage Records 1-370
Marriage Records 371-723

Kensington Methodist Episcopal Marriages listed by Grooms

Kensington Methodist Episcopal Marriages listed by Bridges


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