GSP Contributor – Non-Renewing

GSP Contributor Benefits

Your membership provides extra support for GSP research, collections, and website, and is tax-deductible as allowed by current tax law.

  • Access to databases in “Members Only” area of GSP’s website
  • Access to recorded Third Thursday presentations
  • Discount on GSP-sponsored events
  • Coming soon: Free Pennsylvania Genealogical Almanac
  • First Families of Pennsylvania — open to any GSP member who can prove descent from a Pennsylvania resident
  • Free access to the GSP library
  • GSP members can take advantage of a 10% Discount to Goldie May.
  • Pennsylvania newspaper access through Newspaper Archive on
    and more to come!

COST: $150 per year

Register as GSP Contributor – Non-Renewing Membership:

** This membership type will expire at the end of 12 months. You will need to purchase a new membership each year. **

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