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Berks County Births Cӧrper-Gaucker 52-101


Berks County 1781-1800
John T. Humphrey”

Settlement in Berks County commenced before 1710 on a tract of land along the Schuylkill River deeded by William Penn to the Swedes, “the old inhabitants of this province.” Other groups soon followed—Quakers, Anglicans, French Hugenots, and a few Holland Dutch. But this pattern of settlement, that is, a mix of nationalities, did not continue for long. In 1723 a small group of Palatines traveled from the Schoharie region of New York and settled in an area of the county that became known as Tulpehocken. In succeeding decades their compatriots—Germans—would arrive in increasing numbers and eventually they became the dominate group

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